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Every novel needs editing. Yet, editing your own work can be daunting. It can be difficult to recognize flaws in a manuscript on which you have worked for years. The most widely published and gifted authors would never dream of attempting to do so. Even bestselling authors rely on professional editors to proofread their manuscript and improve the quality of their writing. They know they’ve become too close to their manuscripts to identify mistakes or areas in need of improvement.

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We know a relative or your best friend with an English degree is just dying to edit your work. However, in reality, your manuscript needs a professional editor with a thorough understanding of the novel industry and expert knowledge of the conventions in modern publishing. Collaborating with an editor brings a whole new perspective to your manuscript. You’ll be able to eradicate issues and take advantage of your novel’s strengths.

Use our contact form or email us your first chapter (ten pages of text or more) and ask for a sample. We will illustrate our precision proofreading, editing and print formatting of your work right now. We will choose a section and provide you with a revision of your writing within 48 hours or so. Let our professionals ensure that the meaning of your words comes through, not your mistakes. We evaluate your work quickly and skillfully. What could be better?

Our Editing Benefits Self-publishing and Traditional Writers
Our clients include authors who are at the start of their writing careers as well as Amazon bestselling authors.

Premium Novel Editing for an Affordable Price
Hiring an experienced novel editor is often the best investment you can make for your book. We have editors who work in every genre. Now, as a self-publishing author, you have the opportunity to work directly with these first-rate editors.

A Solid Approach to Editing Projects
We charge the lowest rates because of our exclusive, modern editing method. Through our system, indie authors can now receive the same degree of editing as traditionally published authors at major publishing houses, at a fraction of the cost. The service types are clearly defined, and the editors are professional. Our extremely effective process matches your manuscript with a first-rate editor from your genre. Then, your editor spends countless hours on your novel, providing suggestions, corrections, and alterations. Our experienced romance novel editors will be able to show you how to write your emotional conflict so that the lovers stay separate but tantalizingly close to the very end, rather than allowing them to unite prematurely and relying on other action or conflict to finish the story.

We ensure correctness through multiple readings

Proofreading and Editing Service
Using a systematic review, we closely examine your project for spelling, punctuation, and typographical errors ensuring readability by assessing verb tense, grammar, sentence fragments, run-on sentences, subject-verb disagreement, comma splices, and other usage. For editing, we concentrate on logical flow, organization, structure, transition, phrasing ambiguities, levels of diction, lexical register, rhythm, and colloquialisms, we focus on your needs for consistency, theme, style, clarity, concision, tone, and audience appropriateness. See a full list.

Formatting Service
Editing your text is just one aspect of perfecting your manuscript. Most publishers will only accept manuscripts that are properly formatted, and many demand painstaking adherence to a specific house style manual. Whether you are preparing your manuscript for ePublishing (e.g., ePub, Kindle) or print, we can ensure that your document is perfectly formatted for traditional publishers or independent presses.

We Love Telling Stories and the Power of the Written Word
Nothing enthuses us more than helping you realize your creative vision. As an author, don’t worry about the presentation of your love scenes. Our romance editors have seen it all. So your reader falls in love with your novel, our experienced romance novel editors know how to analyze your expression of a courtship and help you see where it follows natural, believable patterns or where it goes off the rails. We offer exhaustive input, demonstrating ways to strengthen every aspect of your project. Even so, we preserve the distinctiveness of your imagination and voice. Let us know how we can assist you in achieving your goals.

Exceptional Novel Editing Service

Our thorough editing and formatting services improve the strength of your manuscript and ensure that it is well written and fully prepared for publication. We modify our services to meet your needs. Our clients include first-time writers, bestselling authors, and publishing houses.

Learn About Our Novel Editing Service

As novelists, novel writing and novel editing are near and dear to us. We understand how your fictitious characters often become just as real and beloved as those in the everyday world.

Editing Novels

For novels, we make all of the types of corrections shown on our proofreading and editing list. We consider the following questions as we pour over your manuscript:
  • What can be done to improve your work's marketability?
  • Is the plot original and compelling?
  • Does it have any major organization or structural problems?
  • Have you missed any key ingredients or not developed any scenes or topics sufficiently?
  • Are the characters original and fully developed?
  • Is the dialogue genuine?
  • Is there too much description and exposition or interior monologue with too little action and/or dialogue?
  • Are there any clichés or stereotypes that weaken your writing?
  • Is there enough believability, suspense, action, conflict, and tension?
  • Is your novel too short or too long, and, if so, why? Should it be part of a series?
  • Is there anything else that you, as the author, can do to improve it?
We can make evaluative comments and explain corrections and suggestions. As needed, based on the questions above, we can also do the following:
  • strengthen your characters
  • redraft dialogue
  • set the pace and tone
  • nullify plot issues
  • Suggest necessary topic development and logic revisions
  • Revise and improve sentence construction, precision, and organization
  • eliminate redundancies, inconsistencies, wordiness, and other issues with your prose
  • remove all other flaws keeping your novel from reaching its potential
  • construct your table of contents and all ‘front matter' pages at no charge

Why we Should Edit Your Manuscript

Choose us because you deserve the best novel-editing service in the industry. We offer you the exclusive opportunity to work with bestselling authors, editors, and publishing insiders who manage the process for you to ensure that your novel is well written, precisely edited, and ready for publishing.

Finding the Best Novel Editor

The characterization of an author working alone in a room for months on end, then emerging with a fully formed novel that's ready to publish is something for the movies. In reality, writing is a difficult set of skills to master. Novels are crafted through the talent and extensive revision of the author. Good novels result from turning a manuscript over to knowledgeable professionals who can make evaluations and suggestions and provide guidance from a perspective most writers don't acquire on their own. That's why working with a manuscript editor is essential when writing a novel. We offer the professionals with the right experience in your genre to make your story better.

Our Editors are Unique
We provide novel editing services from first-rate editors. We give you access to the best editorial talent out there. Every one of our editors has been carefully selected. They all have extensive experience.

We have a very special romance and women's fiction editor

Click the link for information about our romance novel editor who also specializes in women's fiction.

proofreading and academic editing
Will be sending more folks your way. You rock. :-)
-Reid Lance Rosenthal

(We have worked with Reid on several books in his western romance series and he's been highly satisfied.)
You are a blessing. I appreciate all you’ve done for my first romance novel and I’ll continue to use your service and refer it to others. Thank you!
Many Tks. I appreciate your exceptional service and follow-up on my children's novel. I hope that you are recognized for attention to detail and customer care.
I got the novel back. Felt not only edited but "heard." I am pursuing the publishing. As I move forward, I'd be delighted if you could help with book two when I've done an edit myself.
Thank you so much! There's something about your editing that goes well with my writing style. I am nearing the finishing line on my novel. Next step…e-publishing format.
I want to thank you kindly for this. Felt not only edited, but "heard." I am pursuing the publishing. As I move forward I'd be delighted if you could help with novel two when I've done an edit myself. Send a shout out to Charlie too.
Just a short update, since your professional and proper formatting, two more literary agents have requested the full novel.
Your corrections to my book show why you are the professional and I'm just the beginner. I will be getting back to you with the rest of the novel as soon as I make some changes.
Every writer has weaknesses. I sent my novel to you for proofreading. You worked on my book and I want you to know that you are amazing. I’m really satisfied with the proofreading. You answered all of my questions really swiftly, even late at night sometimes. I’ve found you to be honest and dependable. You are great.
My novel was proofread in a very quick and exacting manner without messing with my content or style. Your general remarks and suggestions concerning the book’s structure are direct and just what I need. You were able to see the unimportant parts of my book to take out. After finishing the last revisions, I am so confident it’ll be published. I couldn’t have done it without you. You are extremely professional, reasonable, accomplished, and your work is top notch. Your services are amazing.
You provided first class proofreading and editing services. My novel is so much more engaging now. Very nice. You know, I would never have gotten this in shape by my publisher’s deadline. I look forward to a long and lasting (should I say) friendship with you. I’m glad you’ve got my back.
I’ve worked with a bunch of editors ‘cause I’ve written a few books. You consistently deliver. Only one person at your company has edited my work, and it is always done so perfectly and with a human touch. I look forward to working with you again soon. I’m going to give you one of my earlier novels for a redo.
I hope that you are having the best day of your life. You did the copyedit of my novel of over 140,000 words. Now that I have seen the results, I’m glad I selected you. You are a wonderful and affordable resource. I’ll come back for help in the future. I would recommend you to anyone.
The edited version of my novel was there when I opened my emails this morning. Your editor has done a great job, many thanks – for example the huge improvement he did to make the font professional and the formatting in addition to all the care and attention on the small but important spelling, grammar and phrasing have really transformed it.

A big thank you too for the pages of comments on the novel itself about the need for greater depth in the characters and adding more action to the first few chapters.
I would like to thank my angelic editors at I don’t know how I found them, but I’m sooo thankful I did. After months of going back and forth with edits and rewrites, they have transformed this project from an ugly caterpillar into a graceful butterfly. Dotting i’s and crossing t’s is waaay easier said than done.