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Transforming a Manuscript into a Literary Work
The best writers understand the need for a manuscript editor's revisions. They know after focusing intently on a draft that some issues just become too close to notice. Deficient structure may reduce the level of interest in your book. Sometimes, manuscripts include underdeveloped elements or elements with low impact that reduce the effectiveness of your writing. Inexact grammar often leads to lack of clarity.

Service You Can Trust
We guarantee confidentiality and you retain copyright ownership. Our strict privacy and confidentiality policy protects your manuscript and your ideas. Our writing editors have all signed legally binding non-disclosure agreements to protect every client's confidentiality and copyright. Your manuscript file is completely secure as well. File transfers are encrypted when using our contact form. We will not sell, trade, transfer, rent or share information with any third party. If you require a separate non-disclosure agreement, you may contact Client Services or we are happy to sign yours.

Meeting Your Deadline
Make certain to meet your next publisher's deadline while maintaining high editing standards. Achieve exceptional results on your timetable by allowing one of our managing editors to oversee your project.

Choose from thousands of fonts for book titles and text.

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Professional Manuscript Editors
Our literary manuscript editors have experience writing for publishers and agents. A close examination from an experienced and qualified literary manuscript editor and proofreader can give your project what it needs to be properly noticed.

Experience is Paramount
Focus on taking your project to the next level with a literary manuscript editor from our dedicated crew. Whether you need book proofreading services or manuscript editing service for your upcoming best-selling novel, short story or historical biography, we have literary manuscript editors experienced in your genre waiting to work with you. Each year, freelance editors contact WordSharp. Only the best possess the academic standards, comprehensive experience and a record of successful publishing necessary to become part of our team. We offer you a free sample edit because we know you will be happy with our service.

Affordable Expert Service
We know these services can get expensive. That's why we proofread and edit for ~1 cent per word. Use our cost calculator to determine the exact rate.

Q: What's one of the main complaints in Amazon book reviews?

A: Lack of proper editing and proofreading!

What we can do for your book manuscript

Content Editing and Developmental Book Editing

  • Properly adjust the pace and tone
  • Rework plot issues to make your plot more original and gripping
  • Suggest apposite topic development
  • Make your characters stronger
  • Improve sentence construction, precision and organization
  • Revise dialogue to make it more naturalistic and authentic
  • Eliminate redundancies, errors in logic, inconsistencies, wordiness and other prose issues
  • Construct your table of contents and all other "front matter" pages (e.g., title page, copyright page, dedication and more).

At no charge, in the margins, we can make evaluative comments and explain corrections and suggestions covering the following questions.

  • How can the marketability of your manuscript be improved?
  • Does the book's content have any major structural or organization problems?
  • Have you missed any essential elements or underdeveloped any topics or scenes?
  • Is your book too brief or too protracted and, if so, why?
  • Are there stereotypes or clichés that render the manuscript weaker?
  • Are the characters imaginative and developed fully?
  • Is there too much interior monologue or description and exposition at the expense of dialogue and/or action?
  • Is there the proper amount of suspense, believability, tension, conflict and action?
  • Are there other things that you, the author, can do to improve the book's content?

Look here for novel editing and for romance novel editing.

Manuscript Editing Service FAQ

We proofread and edit book manuscripts of all types and match them to the appropriate manuscript editor.

Yes! We correct grammar as part of our book manuscript proofreading service.

Book manuscript proofreading and editing
Grammar, typographical errors, misspellings, punctuation, clarity, comma splices, sentence fragments, run-on sentences, subject-verb disagreement, and verb tense, flow, transition, phrasing ambiguities, audience appropriateness, organization, structure, theme, rhetorical consistency, levels of diction, lexical register, rhythm, and colloquialisms.

Book manuscript formatting
Specific to your needs for an ebook or print book.

If you send your book manuscript in Microsoft Word format, we can return two copies to you when finished. One is the original with changes highlighted. The other is the final version.

All of our book manuscript editors have years of training as teachers, published authors, and professionals in various disciplines. We provide the right editor for your needs.

No. The editing function has been a long-time feature and the files we send you are for a PC or Mac.

We much prefer Microsoft Word because of its Track Changes feature. However, if you check with us first, we support digital texts in a range of formats (e.g., Microsoft Word, Works, AppleWorks, Pages, Rich Text, and Open Office).

Our editors ensure that your book manuscript complies with your style requirements.

A member of our book manuscript editing staff can usually respond within two to three hours. We complete most manuscripts within a few business days. An editor and proofreader will accept it only if we can have the finished book manuscript back to you before your deadline.

Proofreading and editing are ~1 cent per word; the exact price can be determined using our cost calculator. Formatting is ½ cent per word.

We currently take PayPal, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Visa, Visa Electron, Visa Debit, Maestro, Switch/Solo, bankcards, and SquareUp. The method of payment is a secure system with industry standard 128-bit encryption. This is the premier form of encryption available for Internet transactions and is the same level of security used in cash machines (ATMs) and most retail stores. Please note: An account is not required to process your credit card and our staff never see your personal data.

The rate for proofreading and editing is based on word count and your choice between proofreading and editing or formatting too. Unlike other book manuscript editing companies, we do not have confusing editing rates per page or vague quotes. We provide exact figures for our services. Send us your file and specify editing and proofreading and whether you want formatting too.

MS Word has a feature that you can use to obtain a word count. Alternatively, send it to us. We will calculate the amount and send you an email with a link to your invoice and payment options. If you want to calculate it yourself, multiply the number of words in your book manuscript times 0.012 for proofreading and editing or times 0.017 for proofreading, editing, and formatting. For instance: 30,000 x 0.012 = $360 [USD].

Our minimum charge for a project is $50 [USD].

We reword individual sentences. We rearrange sentences. We offer suggestions to improve the organization of paragraphs and sections within your book manuscript. Complete rewriting is not an option.

We consider the issues surrounding intellectual copyright and confidentiality to be crucial. Only your book manuscript editor and a managing editor have access to your book manuscript. Each of our staff members is required to sign a copy of the confidentiality agreement, which ensures that under no circumstances can an employee share your book manuscript with anyone. If you require a separate non-disclosure agreement, contact us. Unless you request otherwise, all book manuscripts and related files are deleted after sixty days. We do not sell, trade, transfer, rent or share ANY information with ANY other party. All book manuscripts reviewed by our editors remain the intellectual property of you, the original author. In keeping with our strict confidentiality, we never release names or titles without prior consent. For further information, view our privacy policy.

We make use of the most powerful and updated security measures including the industry standard in encryption (128-bit secure socket layer). This is the highest level of security commercially available and is the same standard of security used in cash machines (ATMs) and by many retail stores. To protect your credit card information, we have partnered with PayPal and SquareUp to offer you the most trusted financial transaction systems on the Internet. The entire payment process is conducted through one of their secure websites. No banking information or credit card data is ever collected or stored by us.

You always maintain ownership and copyright. We make no claim on your copyright, and we do not require credit or acknowledgment beyond the fees for the services rendered. It is a commonly accepted practice for some writers to credit us as their editor and this is always appreciated.

All of our editors and proofreaders must, at a minimum: (a) be native speakers of English; (b) have at least five years of professional experience as a writing editor; and (c) provide samples of their writing, proofreading and editing. A typical editor has more than fifteen years of professional experience and is published in his or her chosen field.

We are confident that our book manuscript proofreading services are among the best in the industry. We are a professional company focused on you providing the best service possible. Each book manuscript is proofread twice before returning it to you. If you are not completely satisfied, you can resubmit your book manuscript for further editing/proofreading. We are committed to your satisfaction.

Yes, although we can nearly always tell when we read something, please specify which form of English you need when you place your order.

Book manuscript editors are available nearly twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Our administrative staff is available between 6 a.m. and 6 p.m. CST (GMT −6); we typically answer messages within a few hours.

Our global headquarters is based in the United States in Chicago, Illinois. Your communications are channeled through this office.

After looking at our FAQ, if you still have a question, its best to contact Client Services by email.

Even the best writers benefit from an impartial, professional and thorough look at their book manuscript. Our editors recognize things in your book manuscript that become unnoticeable to you. After you have done several drafts, reviewing and revising, that familiarity with the book manuscript results in your filling in missing text and skipping over errors when you read.

Your book manuscript will be print-ready subject to the state of the project when submitted to us.

No. We edit all sorts of styles, dialects, special kinds of formatting and other types of creativity. If there is something you do not want us to edit, mention this when you email the book manuscript.

Certainly you may explain things to your book manuscript editor. Once it arrives, your manuscript is quickly routed directly to a chief editor who is familiar with, and appreciates, your type of book manuscript. A client services representative will be happy to relay your comments and queries to your book manuscript editor and then send the answers back.

Any feedback you receive from your book manuscript editor is for the purpose of improving your work.

Refer someone to WordSharp and receive a 10% finder's fee. They should include your name when submitting their project. The person you refer receives a 10% discount too. This offer may not be combined with other discounts.

Contact us directly with your book manuscript editing questions. One of our chief editors will be more than happy to discuss your book manuscript with you and provide any additional information you may require.

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Attach your first chapter to an email and ask for a sample. we'll proofread, edit and format a section for you.

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Manuscript Proofreading and Editing Service

We're committed to providing top-quality manuscript editing service. Our manuscript editors have extensive experience in the following key book-related areas:

Romance novel editing and proofreading - Adventure editing and proofreading - Autobiography editing - Biography editing and proofreading - Comedy proofreading - Contemporary editing and proofreading - Drama editing - Entertainment proofreading - Fantasy editing - Fiction editing and proofreading - Genre editing - Health proofreading - Historical fiction editing - Horror editing and proofreading - Literature editing - Manuscript editing and proofreading - Memoir editing - Mind and Body proofreading - Mystery editing- Nonfiction editing and proofreading - Novel editing and proofreading - Science editing - Sci-fi editing and proofreading - Self-help editing - Short Story editing and proofreading - Suspense editing - Teen editing and proofreading - Thriller editing - Travel proofreading - Tween editing - Western editing and proofreading - YA editing

proofreading and manuscript editing
I got the manuscript back. Thanks for sending it fast. I am very pleased with the timely manner in which is was completed. You read a lot of things and I am very happy that it made you laugh. Thanks for doing such an outstanding job.
Many Tks. I appreciate your exceptional service and follow-up on my children's manuscript. I hope that you are recognized for attention to detail and customer care.
Thank you so much! There's something about your editing that goes well with my writing style. I am nearing the finishing line on my manuscript. Next step…e-publishing format.
I want to thank you kindly for this. Felt not only edited, but "heard." I am pursuing the publishing. As I move forward I'd be delighted if you could help with manuscript two when I've done an edit myself. Send a shout out to Charlie too.
Just a short update, since your professional and proper formatting, two more literary agents have requested the full manuscript.
Your corrections to my book manuscript show why you are the professional and I'm just the beginner. I will be getting back to you with the rest of the manuscript as soon as I make some changes.
Every writer has weaknesses. I sent my manuscript to you for proofreading. You worked on my book and I want you to know that you are amazing. I’m really satisfied with the proofreading. You answered all of my questions really swiftly, even late at night sometimes. I’ve found you to be honest and dependable. You are great.
My manuscript was proofread in a very quick and exacting manner without messing with my content or style. Your general remarks and suggestions concerning the book’s structure are direct and just what I need. You were able to see the unimportant parts of my book to take out. After finishing the last revisions, I am so confident it’ll be published. I couldn’t have done it without you. You are extremely professional, reasonable, accomplished, and your work is top notch. Your services are amazing.
You provided first class proofreading and editing services. My novel is so much more engaging now. Very nice. You know, I would never have gotten this in shape by my publisher’s deadline. I look forward to a long and lasting (should I say) friendship with you. I’m glad you’ve got my back.
I’ve worked with a bunch of editors ‘cause I’ve written a few books. You consistently deliver. Only one person at your company has edited my work, and it is always done so perfectly and with a human touch. I look forward to working with you again soon. I’m going to give you one of my earlier books for a redo.
I hope that you are having the best day of your life. You did the copyedit of my manuscript of over 140,000 words. Now that I have seen the results, I’m glad I selected you. You are a wonderful and affordable resource. I’ll come back for help in the future. I would recommend you to anyone.
The edited version of my manuscript was there when I opened my emails this morning. Your editor has done a great job, many thanks – for example the huge improvement he did to make the font professional and the formatting in addition to all the care and attention on the small but important spelling, grammar and phrasing have really transformed it.

A big thank you too for the pages of comments on the manuscript itself about the need for greater depth in the characters and adding more action to the first few chapters.