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I was impressed with the editing. I have 2 scientific proposals to submit this semester. My paper looks good and makes more sense than it did before. My professor is happy with the editing. Thanks so much. I appreciate your help.
Once again, thank you for the great your job. After your editing, I have got the confirmation of acceptance of my journal article.
Hi! You did a FANTASTIC job with my dissertation - thanks! Attached please find a short journal article that I wrote for publication in the SDC. I would like to have the article proofread, edited, etc.
I'm comma challenged.
Many thanks!
I've been using another editing company and I decided to try your company. Return around was faster than expected. I believe in them. Excellent journal article service. Thorough review and corrections of grammar mistakes. Congratulations!
Was glad not to have to ask a colleague for a favor and to get it done professionally and quickly. Cannot fully express my gratitude to you. Definitely couldn't have chosen a better service for editing my journal article. A lot of great suggestions. In summary, I will definitely recommend this service to others.
Very gratified with the results of my first journal article with you. In addition, the customer service was very helpful and friendly. Provide targeted feedback regarding APA guidelines, clarity, and writing style. Proofreaders are very thorough and look at the most minute things that one may miss. Very fast and accurate in the correction of all different kind of mistakes made during the editing, like grammar, typos, and style.
Nothing negative to say about the journal article proofreading. The third time I have used them. As an educator in higher education, I highly recommend this company to my students. Truly appreciate you.
I give a great deal of credit to them. I’ve used them for two years now. And the process is smooth and easy. Highly recommend this academic proofreading service to people preparing materials for academic publications. Kudos!!!
It’s hard to find someone you trust online. I was happy I could get your assistance. You gave me solid academic editing. The editor preserved my intent while making the article clearer and a lot more comprehensible. The comments were insightful. Aside from being professional, I think I have now established a true human relationship with Charlie. I will always use you guys.

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Publishing with Precision

Even high-quality research takes on little value when described in poorly written prose that often leads to misunderstanding and misinterpretation—instead of publication.

You deserve finely honed editing that presents your findings and conclusions with all of the subtlety, precision, and effect necessary in academia. The only way to assure full and accurate conveyance of your ideas is through having your manuscript evaluated by highly experienced specialists in academic editing—before submitting it for peer review.

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We match the right academic editor to your needs. With preparation from academic professionals, your manuscript or journal article will conform to your precise standards.

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The help you need, when you need it. See our contact page for more information.

A-level English
Article, manuscript, or thesis editing requires a thorough examination of the text for concision, consistency, and clarity after a complete, thorough and fast proofreading.

Specialists specifically focus on your required citation style (whether APA format, MLA, Chicago Style (CSM), Canadian English, Harvard, Turabian, International English, ASA, Australian, Vancouver, Oxford Style or another citation style of your choosing). They can easily handle citation style guides from your school, arrange reference materials, make sure direct quotes are cited, and examine in-text citations to make sure they appear in your reference section or bibliography.

Article Editing Case Study

When Lee sent the draft of his academic article to us, its publishing potential was clear. From years of experience editing academic journal articles, reviews, book chapters and manuscripts, Lee's academic editor recognized the article's need for improved APA formatting and alterations in tone and verbiage to achieve its maximum potential. Within forty-eight hours, Lee had a revised submission-ready article.
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"The article is finally published! Please thank Pam, my journal article editor. Her comprehension of my discipline and subject made all the difference."

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We're committed to providing top-quality academic services. Our academic editors and correctors have extensive experience in the following key academic manuscript areas:

Bachelor's thesis proofreading - Academic and professional paper editing - Article editing - Case study editing - Dissertation proposal editing - Dissertation proposal proofreading - Book editing - Dissertation proofreading and analysis - Dissertation prospectus editing - Dissertation prospectus proofreading - Essay proofreading - Grant application proofreading - Instructional handbook editing - Journal article editing - Monograph editing - Report editing - Research paper editing - Teaching manual editing - Term paper proofreading - Textbook proofreading - Thesis editing and proofreading - Style guides: APA format, MLA, Chicago Style (CSM), CSE, Canadian English, Harvard, Turabian, international English, ASA, Australian, Vancouver, Oxford Style, or another citation style of your choosing.