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I am happy to get such good service from you. I have suggested some of my friends to get editing, proofreading service from WordSharp.
Please thank my ESL editor. Her comprehension of my subject matter and discipline made all the difference.
Wish I would have known about this editing service in the past. English is not my first language. This was a difficult job with many complex terms. Love having such a great proofreading service.
I am not a native speaker. Was accurate and I learned a couple of things in the process! Because of the nature of the proofreader’s work, it was reasonably priced, fast, and efficient. In fact, that is what makes them a success! Excellent proofreading service and follow through. Made certain that l was totally satisfied.
Return on the edit was within the time frame that I purchased. Staff was extremely helpful! Used another editing service before and they took forever. Used it for academic editing and as a non-native English speaker it was very helpful. He or she has done exactly what we wanted.
Very satisfied with the quality control of the workmanship. I have sought advice from many sources ranging from super expensive consulting to proofreading firms in my country. The editor went beyond just changing the grammar. Best in price. Helped me to obtain access to my order.
You were recommended by two students at my college. I really didn’t want to use an editor on my thesis. I’m really happy with the result. I want to share the sincerest gratitude to your whole staff for proofreading my master’s thesis. The thesis was well received by my advisor by the way. Regards,
You did brilliantly copyediting the technical journal article I gave you. I can always count on your outstanding abilities and competence. I'm always very impressed with the quality of your work. My articles are edited in a timely manner. The turnaround time is unbeatable. You and your editors could express my ideas better that I could myself!
I used you guys to get my journal article edited. I’m really pleased to say you have a team of professionals with moral and academic integrity. You altered the piece without changing my voice. You also reviewed the formatting requirements of the journal to a T. It seems like you work in any format, which will probably come in handy. I recommended you to a couple of my colleagues.

English as a Second Language

We understand the difficulties non-natives experience. Your command of English greatly affects whether your manuscript will be accepted. That's why we have special English proofreading services, transforming your manuscript into correct and effective English while retaining your style instead of looking like it was written by someone else. Individuals come to us from around the world for English proofreading for things such as journal articles, papers and essays. Most come back again.

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We use a simple pricing system for our services whether you need a manuscript or a term paper or a dissertation edited. There's no logging in, no hassles and virtually no waiting.

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Let us show you what we do. Attach 10 pages or more to an email or use our form and ask for a sample. We'll choose a section to proofread, edit and format, then return it to you.

Editing and Proofreading Service

We're committed to providing top-quality academic services. Our writing editors and correctors have extensive experience in the following key academic manuscript areas:

Bachelor's thesis proofreading - Academic and professional paper editing - Article editing - Award application proofreading - Case study editing - Conference paper editing - Thesis proposal editing - Thesis proposal proofreading - Thesis proofreading and analysis - Thesis prospectus editing - Thesis prospectus proofreading - Essay proofreading - Grant application proofreading - Instructional handbook editing - Journal article editing - Monograph editing - Report editing - Research paper editing - Term paper proofreading - Textbook proofreading - Doctoral editing and proofreading - Book manuscript editing - Style guides: APA, MLA, Chicago Style (CSM), CSE, Canadian English, Harvard, Turabian, International English, ASA, Australian, Vancouver, Oxford Style, or another citation style of your choosing.