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religious editorI'm Dr. Kirkpatrick, and for over 20 years, I've had the pleasure of being an editor of Christian, spiritual and other religious and faith-based works, theology, philosophy, religious studies, memoirs, and inspirational projects. With a strong background in history, I'm a specialist in books related to both historical and contemporary religious ideas and constructs.

I've mentored over 100 published authors of books, novels, novellas and short stories now happily selling their works. Since 1999, I've evaluated and edited 180+ manuscripts, allowing me the privilege to work with Christian and other religious authors to help them improve their manuscripts and feel proud to publish their work. With referrals on their behalf, many of these authors have gone on to be published in the mainstream. I want to see you and your books succeed! Please have a look at the information below and write to me when you're ready.

Selected Christian, Religious, Spiritual, and Inspirational Titles I've Edited

The Dictatorship of Relativism
Gediminas Jankunas

Myths of Christianity: A Five Thousand Year Journey to Find the Son of God
Jedediah McClure

The Signs of Modern-Day False Prophets
Derrick Rodgers

Characteristics of a True Believer in Christ
Derrick Rodgers

Today's Spiritual Threat Matrix
Derrick Rodgers

Deceive-Proof the Tribe
Derrick Rodgers

Derrick Rodgers

Developing a Healthy Marriage
Derrick Rodgers

Identifying the Roots of Bitterness and It's Symptoms
Derrick Rodgers

The New Creation: Know Who You Are in Christ
Pastor Ti.Ti. K.

The God who Loves and Hates: The book of Obadiah—Why God Loved Jacob and Hated Esau
Kevin Madison

The Chastisement of the Lord: How the Lord Responds to Sinning Christians
Kevin Madison

Predestined to Hell?: Why Would a God of Love Consign People to Hell FOREVER?
Kevin Madison

Family Reset
Dr. Jonathan Carey

Be Holy for I am Holy
Grace Dola Balogun

Christ's Life in the Life of Christians
Grace Dola Balogun

Remembering the Poor and Needy Among Us
Grace Dola Balogun

How God Created the Universe
W. A. Dunkley

Noah's Ark
C. J. Korryn

Who is God?
Isaac Jorgensen

Know the What: Discover the How
John Goodgate

The Dreams of I am the Light
Charles Leandia

Up: Getting Up is the Key to Life
Brian Swift

Andreas Ziorjen

Muslims, Mormons, M Theory
Fred Clarke

These books have gone on to earn great praise from reviewers and readers, as well as multiple awards. As an editor, aside from religious projects, my strengths include 1800s historical nonfiction.

Choosing a Religious Editor

Before submitting to an agent or publisher, it is important to have someone review your work by providing proofreading and an in-depth edit. An editor needs to be keenly aware of the religious reader's expectations. The most successful religious and spiritual works inspire, teach, and encourage readers. In recent years, readers have come to expect more of their favorite authors. Readers scorn typos, spelling errors and overused phrases. Religious readers discuss all aspects of the works they read. Often, those discussions focus on the lack of editing in a book. Poor editing is one of the biggest complaints among Amazon book reviewers. In choosing an editor for your spiritual or religious work, it is paramount that s/he is familiar with this form of writing. An editor familiar with religious philosophy and principles will suggest words, phrases, and concepts that help readers connect with all aspects of your work.

Don't struggle through another draft!

Use the contact form or email your first chapter (ten pages of text or more) and ask for a sample. I will illustrate my precision proofreading, editing and print formatting of your work right now. I will choose a section and provide you with a revision of your writing within 48 hours or so.

What You Can Expect From Me

I provide the following:

More information about the company I work for; including the mechanics of what I do, more information about our services, and the details of our our terms and conditions; can be found on other pages.

My Expertise

Editing requires an investment of time and effort in the manuscript. As a religious editor, I work with both traditional authors and independent authors to help polish their manuscripts. I am hands-on in my editing. I offer content editing with commentary line-editing, submission help, and career consulting. Whether for stand-alone titles or a series, I focus on consistency, accuracy, and clarity, so that authors can successfully connect with their readers while avoiding awkward missteps. I diligently work through a manuscript, checking spelling, grammar, punctuation, formatting, and style; tracking character traits and the timeline; confirming proper names, dates, places, and other technical or historical elements; noting any issues that may lead a reader to question something. As an editor, I view manuscripts with a comprehensive vision and an eye for detail and believability. I see the big picture and have an in-depth knowledge of today's publishing market. My expertise includes managing features of your work such as extricating clichés, redundancies, wordiness, staleness and vague generalizations.

The Religious Reader at a Glance

In the most recent year measured, the religious/inspirational genre saw an increase of over 52 million units (Nielson BookScan) in the U.S., which was a 10.5% increase over the previous year. That's more than four times the increase in the book market as a whole! Christian books have been particularly strong in the Nonfiction (11.3%) and juvenile categories.

Religious/Spiritual Buyer Demographics

  • women are stronger Christian book buyers than men, but they tend more toward Christian fiction,
  • about half of Christian book-buying households earn less than $50,000, and
  • half of Christian book buyers are older than 45.

Source: Nielsen's Religious Book Buyer Report.

Client Comments
I truly appreciate the great work that WordSharp and the editor have been doing on the manuscripts. By the grace of God, I will definitely be sending all my future manuscripts to WordSharp. Just to note that I have at least four additional books and a few more that will be ebooks ready over the next six months.

Sir, a kerfuffle? Getting ready for a trip I was packing my duffle when I received your word of kerfuffle.... In a blinding moment of confusion, I received your humorous infusion. But being Scottish of heritage, I thought of a splore, but knew that would result in an uproar. So without further ado or ballyhoo, I bid you well without delay and want to say: Thanks for being my editor extraordinary today!
-Stephen W. Emerick, author of Untying the Sacred Bundle and Poems from the Sacred Bundle

Thanks a ton for the fantastic manuscript editing. Honestly, I must say you have exceeded my expectations. The changes improve the book and yet retain the original feel of my writing. Rest assured once I am done writing my next book, I will have you edit, proofread.

You put everything into this book. It looks terrific. The book is so much better now. You've always been able to edit precisely and alter my stories to best convey the heart of my writing. You guys really do great work.

I'm really glad I let you help me. Without your help my book was going nowhere. I can't believe what a first rate job in such a short period of time and at a low price. Wow, professional service with a blazing fast turnaround time. I really appreciate what you did for me.

Swift and thorough proofreading and copyediting of my book. The comments and revisions led to my most significant revision. I now have a smooth, flowing book. If I could say one thing about WordSharp, it would be that I highly recommend your services. Very patient. Tremendously helpful suggestions and restated phrases much better.

I value WordSharp and the superior service provided. Their people are always a pleasure. I am so happy with my book proofreading. Your editors are manuscript angels. My book will be out in July of next year.

Please pass along my sincere appreciation for the effort and comments. You followed through with your quick, low-cost book editing. You even did some cursory research to improve the authenticity—amazing. I know where you are if I need proofreading services in the future. I’ll utilize your services again if I am in need of some proofreading. Feel free to use my endorsement anytime.

This edit is fantastic! It also shows how badly I’m in need of a good editor. So what I sent you was a sample of chapter one of the first novel in a series. I look forward to working with you and I’m excited to get started!
Thank you again!