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*Your dissertation editing, proofreading, and formatting will be approved by both your committee and Argosy.

If not, we'll refund the full amount paid, no questions asked. We're proud to say, in 17 years, we have never needed to provide a refund! We are here to manage the editing process and to help secure committee approval for you.

We make sure to accommodate your needs at Argosy. We work with APA citation style format and can handle all deviations required by Argosy. We can also assist you in formatting the front matter (e.g., title page, signature page, table of contents) and back matter (e.g., references and appendices) to meet the requirements of Argosy and your department.

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Personal Service from our Argosy Certified CRP and Dissertation Editing Expert

Our Argosy certified editor is a teaching and research professional who has 18 years of experience editing for doctoral students. Dan has earned his own doctorate and inherently understands the process of becoming a PhD. He has edited hundreds of Argosy dissertations and CRPs! Dan is a top academic with the evaluative aptitude, critical knowledge, analytical proficiency, and Argosy-APA citation style expertise to get you through the process. He is a specialists in critical thinking, and superior research design and development. He's here to help you assess each section of your manuscript resulting in a well-crafted dissertation or CRP that is ready for proposal and final PhD defense.

For a no-obligation cost quote and more information about ordering CRP or dissertation editing, proofreading, and formatting, please feel free to interact with us using our contact page. We look forward to hearing from you.
We highly recommend that students make sure their editor has a doctorate. Do you really want someone who has never written a doctoral study to be working on yours?

The combination of services below satisfies Argosy requirements at a 20% discount!

Please identify yourself as an Argosy student to assure this discount.

#1 Grammar and proofreading includes the proofreading and checking of grammar and mechanics. Spelling, punctuation, sentence structure, verb tense, word choice, pronoun referents, passive voice, and clarity are checked for accuracy and corrected if errors are found. Vague terminology is amended. Run-on sentences and fragments are corrected. Suggestions are made for structural coherence, transitions, and document flow.
(~1 cent per word)

#2 Style and format editing
of the dissertation or CRP is reviewed. Consistency, in-text citations, parenthetical documentation, margins, headings, spacing, numbered or bulleted lists, figures and tables, appendices, and reference list formatting are corrected. Formatting is completed using APA sixth edition guidelines.
(½ cent per word)

#3 Citation to reference verification
is made and noted when citations are not in the reference section and references are not in the body of the dissertation as in-text citations.

#4 University-specific formatting
is included. Our editor is very familiar with Argosy's research guides.

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  • We take scrupulous care of your dissertation. To accomplish this, as we work on your document, you will have continual access to your editor. We believe communication is an indispensable component of a superior editing service.
  • Your insight and opinions are integral to the success of your work. Please include all of your instructions and concerns when submitting your work. Remember, beyond proofreading, editing, and formatting, we are here to answer your questions and give you suggestions.
  • Trust us with your dissertation editing, proofreading, and formatting needs. We can solve your dissertation problems timely and effectively while giving guidance about whether your arguments are flowing correctly or where extra references or explanations are required. We ensure that your requirements are met including working to make your references and tables consistent and correct.

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I was provided with an outstanding dissertation editing service and all within a timely manner. My dissertation was about 160 pages and I received a full detailed review back within a couple of days. My dissertation chair stated that the review I'd received has been the best she ever seen and although she could not endorse any editor, I can and will.
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I needed to have my dissertation professionally edited NLT April 20 so that I would be able to get all necessary tasks completed before April 26 to be able to graduate June 17. I picked three different editors and waited to hear back from someone who could meet my deadline. All three editors responded; but I felt that would be the best editor for me. I have to say that I am so glad that I chose Not only did Dr. Dan meet my deadline. He had my edited dissertation back to me by April 18. The service that is provided is excellent. The corrections/suggestions/recommendations were on point. Not only that...Dr. Dan is professional, kind and he wants to present the best product for his clients. I recommend this company to anyone who is seeking editing services and it being done right! You will not be disappointed.
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I was very overwhelmed with the process of choosing an editor for my dissertation but I picked Wordsharp for the services they offered. I was rewarded with not only excellent and efficient editing but kind and encouraging customer service!
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Thank you so much for fixing everything and checking my CRP manual. It looks fabulous!!
Thanks!!!!!!! I have been racking my brain trying to figure out how to get those charts inside the dissertation. I appreciate the speedy turnaround!!!!
Attached is my CRP and I have reconciled my references. Looks amazing! Thank you so much!
Thanks a lot for the wonderful service provided. I need a signature to show that dissertation editing was completed. Thanks again for the great work!
Thank you kindly for the quick return of my dissertation. I have just successfully completed my defense and need you to sign off on editing. I do not have to make any revisions to the clean copy you sent last week. I just need the signature from the editor for Argosy.
Tks for all your help with my dissertation. I just wish I had found you sooner.
My dissertation has been delivered to my committee~~ yippee!! Never could have been done without your great assistance!!! I look forward to using your service throughout this entire dissertation process. :) Have a nice evening, I’m going to celebrate.
When I was searching for someone to format and proofread my dissertation, I checked five or six sites on the Internet. I could not thanks enough for a job well done!
I have the final draft from you. I appreciate your comments. Your dissertation formatting is a lifesaver.
Thank you very much for your excellent work on my dissertation! I made the changes you mentioned, and I have submitted it. Again, thanks for your quick and efficient work!
This is brilliant! Thanks loads. The fast turnaround was amazing and the quality is remarkable. I will be taking every opportunity to recommend your dissertation services.
Best Regards,
Thank you greatly for your support and help in editing my dissertation, greatly appreciated. I will send you an email when I'm ready and everything is in place. Have a blessed day!
Fantastic dissertation editing!!! Thank you for your help!!!
Being Dr. Garland has been surreal. Thanks for your assistance in getting my dissertation editing done.
Thank you for the dissertation services! I am so excited about getting to this point!
Wow! Excellent turnaround time! I am reviewing and accepting the changes right now. You have done amazing work! You did a superb job, and I will be sure to refer anyone in search of a dissertation editor. Thanks so much! :)
You did an AWESOME job on my dissertation. Thanks so much. I spoke with my chairperson and she agree with you for me to add the tables to the appendix. Could you please do that for me? I don't want to mess up your beautiful work! :) Thank you so much in advance. I really appreciate it!
Awesome!! Thank you very much!! Great doing business with you!

Hello! Thank you again for doing a nice job for me! I’m sure you are used to this, but I need a signature on my dissertation completion form. Please see attached.
Thanks for your superb customer service and editing services. It looks great! I sent the approval form for signature. I'll be sure to leave excellent feedback, as the dissertation looks exceptional.
Thanks a million for your support and helping me with editing my dissertation. This was a lot of work for you. I hope what I paid is enough for your hard work. I want to thank you again for taking time to help me improve my writing. Please let me know if I need to work on anything else. Write me back as soon as possible if I need anything. Have a great weekend.